How Does Apprenticeship Work? 

As an apprentice, you learn a skilled trade on the job while working with and learning from a licensed tradesman or tradeswoman, and get paid while you do it. 

You also learn in a classroom from instructors who know the trade. This may take place on a college campus or in a union training centre. 

For most trades, you work for a year and then switch to studying in class for eight to 12 weeks, either full or part-time. It takes between two to five years to complete an apprenticeship.

When you finish your training as an apprentice, you will get a Certificate of Apprenticeship. To obtain the Certificate of Apprenticeship, you and your sponsor have a few tasks to complete. For certain trades, you will also need to complete an exam to get a certificate of Qualification. 

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  • Finding out if you qualify for an apprenticeship  
  • How to find an employer or sponsor
  • Money for apprentices
  • Tools Grant information
  • How to complete an apprenticeship


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Money for Apprentices

There are several loans and grants available to assist with training and purchasing tools etc.

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