Job Development

What is Job Development?

Job Development is a program that helps us help YOU! We use our employer connections within the community to help you get your foot in the door with an employer that matches your interests so you can quickly return to work. We focus on targeting jobs in your area that fit your strengths, skills, income needs, and expectations. Our staff provide local labour market knowledge, connections and expert career advice. Once you have been placed with an employer the support continues to ensure all expectations are being met, on-the-job training is successful, and all measures are being taken to ensure permanent and sustainable employment has been achieved. 

What are the Benefits of This program?  

This program provides job seekers with an advantage they may not normally have. Employers who are willing to hire and train a new employee through this program are offered funds to facilitate on-the-job training which offsets the cost of onboarding a new employee and training them. Employers feedback has been very positive as they appreciate the value this brings. This program helps in so many situations, for example it could help people who have training but no, little, or dated experience in the industry. It helps people who are changing jobs or people who are new or returning to the work world. In fact, this program is suitable for so many individuals that it’s best to talk to us to see if this might be a suitable opportunity for you too!

How Do I Access Job Development Services?

Contact our office or ask your Employment Specialist if you would be a good candidate for this program. Our goal for Job Development is to provide you with the skills and training you need for a sustainable and successful career. Call us today to discuss details and get started!