Mini Workshops

Power up your job search!

Career Solutions helps individuals find and keep work. Career Solutions offer a variety of workshops to assist you in successfully navigating the world of job searching.
Participate in our job searching workshops to gain the skills and confidence required to professionally market yourself to potential employers.

Please check back regularly as we will continue to add new workshops to help you with your job search!

Resumes That Get You the Interview

Workshop outcomes and what you will gain:

  • How to write an effective resume to get you an interview
  • Choosing the right template for you between chronological or functional
  • Tips on to what include on your resume and tips on how to list them
  • The difference between hard skills and soft skills
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How to Build a Cover Letter that Works

Workshop outcomes and what you will gain:

  • The purpose of a cover letter and how to build a successful one
  • An understanding of what an elevator pitch is and how to create a brief introduction for yourself to your targeted employer
  • How to use it as a cover letter as an introduction to yourself, showing your highlights and a way for employers to get to know you better
  • Tips on what to include in a cover letter, what to emphasize on and demonstrate in it, while answering why they should hire you
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Optimizing Resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems

Workshop outcomes and what you will gain:

  • An understanding of what applicant tracking systems (ATS) are
  • How to beat the ATS
  • Tips for building and laying out a resume optimized for ATS
  • Do’s and Don’ts to include on your resume
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Job Search Tips and Tools

Workshop outcomes and what you will gain:

  • Tips for the Job Search Process with helpful do’s and don’ts
  • An understanding of what to include and how to present it when developing a resume
  • How to create a short and sweet cover letter that grabs the reader right away with purpose
  • The skills and confidence for successful and professional interviews
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